Father’s Day – Let’s Make Travel Plans

Have you heard of “Mancations” yet? It is the latest term out there when referring to vacations. They are just exactly what it says, vacations for men, and what better time than to give one on Father’s Day. With the three suggestions below you will get some really great ideas on “Mancations” which men love to take vacations around.

The really great thing about giving a travel vacation to Dad for Father’s Day is that the whole family can go along, or not. The other great thing is that it can happen anytime, not just on Father’s Day weekend, so you can give the gift on Father’s Day and then plan and build excitement until the actual vacation happens

Golfing: Of course this is at top of the list for a very good reason, it is the number one sport of men, there are more men golfers than any other single sport, I would say even surfers in the beach areas. The options for golf vacations are many, you can just have a day of golfing, several days of golfing and staying in your own accommodations and then there is a destination resort which could be a golfing resort with all the amenities all in one spot and there would be activities for the whole family as well, if they decided to go along.

Skiing: I know it is the furtherest thing from your mind right now but it isn’t to early to book your skiing vacation and what better time than for a Father’s Day present. You can get that perfect ski package you always wanted and they were all booked ahead of you, you can get that room you always wanted and never could get, see, they booked it at Father’s Day. Again your possibilities for your gift giving are endless, you can book ski lift tickets at your favorite resort; amenities that are offered at the different resorts where you are staying; or you can stay in a destination ski resort where all your amenities are in one spot.

Outdoor Adventures: All the other outdoor adventures, river rafting, scuba diving, all kinds of fishing, boating, the possibilities are endless and they are covered in this section. In this area you can also reserve your equipment you will need and/or you can purchase it, which is another gift idea for Father’s Day.

Personal travel websites are a newer concept in making your travel arrangements. All of the above gift ideas can be arranged through a personal travel website. The advantage to a personal travel website is exactly that, you have the ability to contact an individual directly to assist you if you need and/or want it.

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