PS3 Slim Consoles – The New Wave Of Video Entertainment

PS3 slim consoles have become one of the most popular video games in the market. Not only are they designed for children and teens of all ages, but adults in their 30s and 40s also enjoy the experience of the overall features of the PlayStation3 console.

The standard PS3 deal used to go for a hefty USD 400. This being a big drain on the pocket, many enthusiasts used to look for cheap PS3 consoles at their nearest pawn shop. The systems that are bought in the pawn shops are often times brand new. However, you can go for a PS3 bundle that includes an 80GB PS3 bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 – two of the most popular games available for it. In fact this is the best PS3 bundle and you can purchase it for the standard PS3 price of USD 400.

If you and your friends are keen enthusiasts of this product, you all can go for the complete PS3 packages that include:

  • A Console with 40GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 2x Wireless Controller DualShock 3
  • 3x random games
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
  • AV multi-out, Digital optical, HDMI
  • 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p Resolutions

… and much more. This, of course, comes at a much more heftier tag of USD 599.99. The complete package is also available for the lovers of this product in the United Kingdom. Just type PS3uk in any search window and go for it.

Accessories & Features

The accessories include:

  • Wireless Keypad
  • Wireless Controller
  • PlayStation Eye

The features include:

  • PlayStation Network – which allows Internet connection enabling you to download games
  • Blu-ray – which allows you not only to watch online movies but high resolution DVDs as well.
  • PS3 slim does not come with a memory card as it offers 60GB or 80GB space for you to download and store your music, movies, and games. As the space is so big, the product does not need a card.
  • You can access the PS3 stores through the main menu, where you can purchase your movies, games, and other products of your choice.

With so many features, your PS3 slim is worth the money you spend on it. However…

The New PS3 Slim!

This is real hot news!

This announcement was made from Germany on August 18, 2009. As of September 1, 2009, you can purchase a newer version of the product. Sony has also changed the brand name from PLAYSTATION 3 to PlayStation 3. The newer version is 33% smaller and 36% lighter. The power consumption is also 34% less!

The slimmer PS3 slim comes with a 120GB hard drive with a very affordable price tag of USD 299. It has been announced that the slimmer version will have all the features the current version has. This means that the new version will still not be compatible with older PS2 versions.

The new product has a completely redesigned system and this includes the main semiconductors, the power supply units, and the cooling mechanism, as well.

Tips For Starting Your Own Business Online

Tips for starting your own business online can be usefu to two categories of people:th cmplete newbie, looking to a home based online venture and a person with a business offline looking to expand and take advantage of the exposure the online community offers. Whatever category you belong to, the following tips for starting your own business are certainly useful to consider.

  1. Set up a website preferably, with the help of a professional website designer. Your website is actually your virtual office space and like with any business office, you know quite well that first impressions matter a lot. So create an impressive first experience for your website visitors by using expert help.
  2. Your domain name is very important to your online business. Your domain name is the equivalent of your office address offline. To help people find your site much easier ensure you have keywords in the URL, thereby making your site even more search engine optimised. These are just a few of the strategies successful online entrepreneurs are using to help them achieve their business goals.
  3. Your online business needs to be found by your potential clients. To achieve this, your website needs to have keyword rich content. Keywords are words or phrases that people type into search engines like Google when they are reaching for products and services. So when you include these keywords in your website it makes it easier to find by your potential customers. Employing this strategy is good for search engine optimisation where organic traffic is concerned.
  4. It is virtually impossible to market your products and services to everyone, so you have to decide on a target audience or niche and concentrate your marketing efforts on them. Failure to do this will mean scattering your marketing activities among many different groups of people thereby expending a lot of money and time with very little results. Once you have chosen your niche, you need to raise awareness among this group of people. You will help generate results much quicker than would otherwise be the case.
  5. Furthermore, you can reduce the overall costs of promoting your business by employing free strategies for driving traffic to your website, a process that is crucial to the success of your online business.

The following tips for starting your own business online is not comprehensive by any means but it will certainly get you started off in the right direction. Now, I would offer one last tip if I may and that is to take action as soon as possible to realise your dreams. You owe it to yourself.

How Word of Mouth Promotion Can Help You Make Money Online

A lot of people have turned to blogging to make money online. These blogs range from providing up-to-date information about a specific type of product, topic or service like digital cameras, marathons, hemorrhoids, restaurants, etc. You name it and there’s bound to be a blog that talks about it on the internet.

But blogs are not just used for promoting products and services. Professionals from different industries have also discovered that they can make money from blogging by building a community of avid followers.

They start by building a personal brand and reputation online. Likewise, they put themselves out there and let people know that they genuinely want to help them. They then provide a mountain of tips and advices on their blog and sneak in some sales pitches in between to entice them to buy a product or two or even to avail of their services and in the process, make money online.

People, as well all know, are constantly looking for solutions to their problems online. So if they stumble upon your blog which is full of insights, suggestions and tips that are specific to their problems, they would not just visit your blog often, they would also want to share it with their personal network of family and friends! As your followers grow in number, so does your potential to make money online.

The question here now is, “how do you make sure that people find your blog?”

There are many ways to promote your blog online and I’m pretty sure that you’re well aware of some of them. However, there’s one channel that many professional marketers overlook and that is through word of mouth promotion. I know, it sounds pretty old school. But hey, it works and here’s how!

1. A Personal Encounter Has More Impact Than An Online Interaction

Let’s admit it! We can all remember our first date, our first kiss, our first car or even funny incidents with family and friends. It gives us a mental picture that we can easily pull out of our memory and share with others or just to reminisce about it.

This is also true with networking in person. Meeting people in the flesh and engaging them in a lively conversation has more impact than if you were just chatting online or exchanging comments on Facebook or Twitter. Not only that but you will leave a lasting impression which can be strengthened further when they visit your blog and read about your insightful thoughts and recommendations.

Although engaging people online in discussions has its merits, think of how you’re missing out on their expressions and reactions. A personal encounter on the other hand won’t give them a chance to conceal what they’re really thinking or feeling and you can immediately find ways to assure them or provide them with a solution. Of course, don’t forget to let them know about your blog so they could still find you online after your meet up.

2. A Personal Encounter Can Lead To A Community Of Prospects

You might be wondering how this is possible but I tell you, a number of marketers have found networking events are a goldmine of potential business to make money online.

Joining networking events and conferences such as one that is sponsored by your local chamber of commerce would give you ample opportunity to meet with industry leaders and influential people. These people would naturally have their own community of followers who they can influence and if you can get them to see the value of what you’re offering, you would have a huge chance to market to their followers as well!

Mike Eagar of Wildfire Marketing shared how word of mouth marketing had helped him sell thousands of books about social media from just one community at a time when eBook readers hardly existed.

What he did first was identify the trade shows and conferences that would attract influential leaders to join. He would then contact the organizers and provide free resources as well as conduct workshops based on the book that he was selling. However, he made it his top priority to build personal relationships with the leaders of the community.

One event alone led him to conduct more than 20 large speaking engagements that subsequently resulted to thousands of books sold!

Even though this example involved the physical selling of books, this is relevant to promoting your blog too and make money online. For instance, if you’re a social media marketer who offers coaching and social media marketing services, you can reach out to potential businesses that are looking to break in to the social media arena and use its power to boost their business from these networking events. These businesses would know of other businesses that would also want to take advantage of the internet’s reach and they can very well recommend you to them and so on.

So don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing in promoting your blog and selling your products and services on the internet. It is without a doubt a channel that every professional marketer should exploit to make money online.

Tips, Tools and Tactics For Handling Commercial Property Owners in This Market

In this commercial real estate market you really know the property owner that you are dealing with, and their reason for talking with you on property matters.

As a base strategy, it pays to directly question the client on their needs but also and perhaps more importantly their knowledge of the current market. You want all the real facts and make sure you get no hidden agendas from the clients. So let’s see how we can achieve this clear and precise information from the client.

Direct Questioning

Question them more and you talk less! Direct questioning does set the foundations of confidence and knowledge for you in the conversation. It makes you stand apart from the competition as the property agent of relevance and knowledge. The property owner can see that they are talking to someone who really knows the current market and why things are happening.

Here are some key questions and concepts. We recommend that you use this as a checklist for the process. That will keep you on track.

  • What is the Owner’s Motivation in talking with you today and how did they reach you? They must have at least one specific reason. You need to know why they have chosen you as the potential agent to help them. You should also know how they found you in the first place. If it was through another property campaign or a referral then you have a base from which to create leverage.
  • In this commercial and retail property market, volatility and uncertainty can impact many properties. The time on market will be extensive in most circumstances unless the property is correctly matched to the target market and the price or rental is keenly structured. For this reason you want the best properties to list with you and not the average ones. What do the clients ultimately want to do in listing the property today and what is the time frame that they must satisfy?
  • Is there a financial hurdle or benchmark that must be satisfied for the transaction to be successful? If there is any financial pressure from the mortgagees and the banks, it is important to know full details of that. See if the client will involve you with the banks at the earliest stages so that any pressure from that direction can be controlled. If the bank is confident in you and your services, they will likely let you take choices in the property promotion road ahead.
  • Given the price or rental that you could achieve with the property in today’s market, is there a financial target or hurdle in the clients mind that must be matched? Is it realistic and what will be your strategy in the process? Work on the clients thinking from the earliest stages of the listing process. Attitudes of inflated prices and rents have to be toned down. The property market of this year is a lot different than two years ago. Do not waste your time on overpriced listings at unrealistically high levels.
  • Has the property been on the market for some time with other agencies? This fact will impact your strategic approach in continuing with the listing today. You will need to freshen up the marketing so previous promotional campaigns are not impacting your campaign today.
  • The previous history of the landlord’s interaction and service with the other tenants in the building must be identified and understood. Many potential purchasers or potential tenants for the property in today’s market will speak to the other existing tenants in the property as part of their due diligence process. Any bad history can derail your negotiations. The earlier you know about the problem the easier it is for you to strategize and address.
  • Given that there are so many changes impacting the market at the moment, does the owner of the property understand the market and how they must adjust to those pressures? This can include property renovation, adjustments of rentals, establishment of fresh lease documentation, repositioning of tenancies, a reassessment of the property financials, well directed marketing campaigns, and reductions in price or rental as required.
  • Is the property owner a ‘Corporate’ in structure and how does that effect or delay decisions that will be appearing in the sale or lease process? It is surprising how much delay can be experienced when working with boards of directors and the people in ‘head office’. Property documentation must be a high priority and fast tracked when the time comes. Understand who you must get the documentation to and how they will process the documentation.
  • Who are the Owner’s Solicitors and Accountants, and can they be directly reached for discussions on the financial matters of the property? It is interesting to note that solicitors in the property documentation process can slow things down extensively (their work load pressures are not your pressures). This is where you will likely need the assistance of the client to make the solicitor respond in a timely fashion to your requests. It is quite likely that the solicitor will not even take your calls as the property agent until the client so instructs them.
  • Given the property transaction today, is the client a repeat investor and will they want to re-enter the property markets soon on a different type of investment? This is an excellent time to purchase other commercial real estate. Prices are historically low and offer significant opportunity for those clients that can act today. Finance can be the problem that holds back the bigger deals.
  • Does the client own anything else in commercial real estate which needs to be balanced in property portfolio performance as you sell or lease the subject property? In many cases, it is the stability of the cash flow across the portfolio which needs to be considered for the client. Many wise portfolio property owners will select properties in different property types such as retail, office, and industrial, so that the economic trends of any distressed market segment or location will be offset by the other properties in the portfolio. It is of note that diverse property portfolios produce less volatility but also produce less extreme peaks when one property market is performing highly. The property owners today who are reasonably comfortable economically are those that have spread their investment portfolio across different property types in good locations.

So the key issue here is to completely understand client and their needs. The better you do this, the better the chances of an effective sale or lease in a timely fashion. Confidence and control are the foundations of your success as a commercial property agent in this volatile real estate market.